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Shredderman: Secret Identity (Shredderman series)


  • This entertaining story of an egghead who cannot keep his shoes tied who uses his brains to triumph over the worst bully in school will keep even reluctant readers laughing and wanting more stories about this cyber superhero. Droll, black-and-white cartoons are a perfect accompaniment to the clever text.
    –Edward Sullivan, School Library Journal
  • Three cheers for Shredderman! Van Draanen has created a “superhero” who speaks wonderfully to all the underdogs out there looking for justice. Kids will surely be looking to devour more episodes, and Brian Biggs’s wacky illustrations make for an on-target complement.
    –Matt Warner, The Barnes & Noble Review
  • Short page count, plenty of illustrations, and an intriguing method of solving the age-old bully problem make this an involving book for younger readers who will look forward to more books in this series.
    –Susie Wilde, Children
  • Biggs contributes sketchy “Beavis and Butthead”-style vignettes; the author adds a supporting cast of unconventional characters, and pushes off a rolling tangle of subplots to set the stage for further exploits from “Shredderman.” They should get an enthusiastic welcome.
    –Kirkus Reviews


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