If Kids Could Drive


By Marisa Kollmeier

By Teepoo Riaz

Illustrated by Brandon Dorman

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Rev up kids' imaginations with this wheely silly read-aloud book that puts them in the driver's seat, heading straight for big laughs!

If kids could drive . . . what would the world be like? Roads would have roller coaster loops, parking lots would be bumper car rinks, and you'd stop at milkshake stations to fill 'er up! Strap in for a wild ride through a zany world where kids are in charge and there are no (road) rules. Vroom!

Bright, joyful artwork by Brandon Dorman is packed with fun details that make If Kids Could Drive a terrific read-aloud story for parents and children. Some books are created purely for fun, and this is one of them!


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May 11, 2021
Page Count
32 pages

Marisa Kollmeier

About the Author

Marisa Kollmeier and Teepoo Riaz live in Brooklyn with their two young daughters. Marisa is an oncologist who loves road trips, visits to the library with her girls, and listening to their creative stories (including this one!). Teepoo is an attorney who is a huge fan of tacos and hot sauce, loves to drive, and is constantly inspired by his kids' imaginations. If Kids Could Drive is their first book. 

Brandon Dorman has been illustrating children's books since he graduated from BYU-Idaho in 2005. His works include the bestselling Goosebumps series, The Wizard, Fablehaven series, and The Land of Stories series. He has authored two picture books, Pirates of the Sea! and Santa's Stowaway.

As a husband and father of three smiley boys and one frilly girl, Brandon's favorite place is to be at home having dance competitions and playing backyard football with his family. He has lived in five different states, loves sunflower seeds, and is not too shabby on the ukulele. Brandon loves making magical pictures and is always on the lookout for an awesome story to illustrate. You can see more of his work at http://www.brandondorman.com.

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