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The Field Guide (The Spiderwick Chronicles series)


  • “Appealing characters, well-measured suspense and an inviting package will lure readers…younsgters may well find themselves glancing over their shoulders.” – Publishers Weekly
  • “With their evocative gothic-style pencil drawings and color illustrations, rhyming riddles, supernatural lore, and well-drawn characters, these books read like old-fashioned ripping yarns.” – New York Times


  • Banks, Lynne Reid. The Fairy Rebel. Doubleday, 1988.
  • Black, Holly, and Tony DiTerlizzi. The Spiderwick Chronicles, Book 2: The Seeing Stone. Simon & Schuster, 2003. (And others in the Spiderwick Chronicles series.)
  • Climo, Shirley. Piskies, Spriggans, and Other Magical Beings: Tales from the Droll-Teller. Crowell, 1981.
  • Corbett, Sue. 12 Again. Dutton, 2002.
  • Dahl, Roald. The Witches. Farrar, 1983.
  • DiTerlizzi, Tony, and Holly Black. The Nixie’s Song. Simon and Schuster, 2007. (And others in the Beyond the Spiderwick Chronicles series.)
  • Gaiman, Neil. Coraline. HarperCollins, 2002.
  • Gormley, Beatrice. Fifth-Grade Magic. Dutton, 1982.
  • Hahn, Mary Downing. Time for Andrew: A Ghost Story. Clarion, 1994.
  • Howitt, Mary. The Spider and the Fly. Illus. by Tony DiTerlizzi. Simon & Schuster, 2002.
  • Lewis, C. S. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. HarperCollins, 1950. (And others in the Chronicles of Narnia series.)
  • Nodelman, Perry. The Same Place But Different. Simon & Schuster, 1995.
  • Pratchett, Terry. The Wee Free Men. HarperCollins, 2003.
  • Snicket, Lemony. The Bad Beginning. HarperCollins, 2000. (And others in the A Series of Unfortunate Events series.)