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The Dangerous Days of Daniel X (Daniel X series)


  • “Writing-wise, “The Dangerous Days of Daniel X” is polished, entertaining, and fashionable…a fun little book, and one that I will be sharing with my son when hes old enough.” – Fantasy Book Critic
  • “In the tradition of Animorphs and Goosebumps, it uses familiarity to its advantage, drawing kids in and giving them their first few tastes of genre fiction.” –
  • “This time around he shifts gears and brings us a strange and delightful science fiction tale that is loads of fun for all ages. Daniel X is a memorable and endearing character that is constantly full of surprises. Patterson and Ledwidge have collaborated to give us not only a fantastic new character, but also a fantastic story that is impossible to put down…Daniel X is a refreshing reminder that Patterson still has what it takes to craft page turning fiction. After this engaging new offering fans both young and old will be begging for more Daniel X.” – The Christian Manifesto
  • “This first book in the series—The Dangerous Days Of Daniel X—is done in Pattersons usual short chapter format, which will have even the most reluctant kid reader turning the pages at record speed…A very satisfying read, even by Patterson standards, and the cataclysmic ending is as clever and explosive as it is unpredictable. You wont see the end coming but you will be cheering when it arrives.” –
  • “In typical Patterson style, Daniel X is a lightning-fast page-turner with those short, two- and three-page chapters that make it an absolutely addictive read. I guarantee that you’ll keep reading just one more chapter until its well past your bedtime….What makes Daniel X an entertaining read is its childlike playfulness. Its filled with Patterson’s signature pop-culture references (some of which will, admittedly, go well over teen readers heads). Its sometimes silly, and its sometimes incredibly clever. And there’s plenty of teen drama and other-worldly action as Daniel travels from Portland down to California and even into space. The Dangerous Days of Daniel X was definitely written for a younger, sci-fi loving audience. But even though Im neither a teenager nor a fan of science fiction, I still look forward to seeing whats in store for Patterson’s new alien-hunting hero.” –


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