Al Capone Does My Shirts


His timing is perfect, he voices all the characters with great versatility, and he makes Moose come to life. This is a fascinating book superbly narrated. – B. Allison Gray, School Library Journal

With its unique setting and well-developed characters, this warm, engaging coming-of-age story has plenty of appeal, and Choldenko offers some fascinating historical background on Alcatraz Island in an afterword. – Ed Sullivan, Booklist

This is an amusing book about interesting characters placed in a different and unlikely setting and trying to make the best of their situation. – Della A. Yannuzzi, Children

Choldenko, author of Notes From a Liar and Her Dog, offers a sensitive portrait of autism and how it affects a family, and in a author’s note at the end she discusses her research about life on Alcatraz and on autism, and mentions that her own sister has autism. An affecting novel. – Paula Rohrlick, KLIATT


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